Posts From October, 2015

"Tech-Neck"-What the Heck?

By editor
October 29, 2015

Laptops and Tablets and Smart Phones, OH MY! Caught up in today's constant information stream and social networking via mobile device usage, where we are constantly looking down at our handheld screens... a new sign of aging is emerging. It's called TECH-NECK. This term refers to specific creases just above the collar bone and in ... read more

Open House Winners

By editor
October 20, 2015

Thank you all for attending our Open House Gala! We hope you had a 'ROARING' great time! AND NOW....the lucky winning numbers of our charity raffle to support The Samaritan Inn. ******drumroll please****** COOLSCULPTING one area/cycle: 589834 589041 SKINMEDICA Product Basket: 589506 JUVEDERM-one syringe: 589379 590099 OBAGI Product Basket: 590066 SKINPEN-One full face treatment: 589405 ... read more


By editor
October 1, 2015

As gravity, facial volume loss and aging take their toll, most of us have the same goal: A more defined and sharper jawline. Until Recently, the only option to eliminate the dreaded "Double Chin" was to undergo surgery (complete with anesthesia and all that goes along with plastic surgery). Enter the game-changing new injectable solution ... read more